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Community Update: July 2020

Parishioners and Friends,

Lately, the staff and I have been joking about renaming the parish, from Mary Queen of the Apostles to “St. Pivot.” The past few months have been at turns exhausting and exhilarating, as we have entered uncharted territories as a parish, and as a people. It has seemed, at times, that as soon as we have gotten comfortable in a plan, we’ve needed to pivot. But I’m so proud of this parish and our parishioners, who have been positive, generous, prayerful and supportive through every twist and turn.

We hope you’ve been checking in frequently at our website, Facebook and other social media, and that these bi-monthly letters have helped to keep you from feeling disconnected. We’re working hard to keep in touch with you, in every possible way.

We are still on mission, still working to be a parish that is centered on the Eucharist, offering healing and hospitality to all. Every decision we make is measured against this mission, and of course, we intend for everything we offer, whether online or in person, to be spiritual and safe.

We’ll continue to offer our weekend Masses online in English and Spanish via our Facebook page. We’re also offering “live” Mass every Sunday in two different venues. At St. James, we offer drive-in Mass in our parking lot at 8:00 AM every Sunday, in English. At 11:00 AM on Sundays, we offer Mass on the side lawn/parking lot at Immaculate Conception, in Spanish.  We do not have a date set for moving indoors for weekend Masses, or for adding Mass times; we want to be sure that we have all our plans and procedures in place before making those change, and we will not move into the buildings until we know for sure that we can do so safely.  Stay updated with weather-and schedule-related announcements at

Our ministries continue, such as our Healing Prayer ministry and our Beta Groups, as well as a weekday Mass in Spanish at IC on Friday evenings. We’re at the halfway point of our 17th series of Alpha, hosted completely online by a wonderful team of volunteers.

The pandemic has prompted us to offer a fond farewell to the Wednesday Night Bingo, a long-standing tradition, and a source of financial support of the parish. We are so thankful to our Bingo leaders and volunteers who have given so much of their time, energy, and hearts over the years, especially Betty Richard, who has been the heart of the Bingo for so long. Please join us in thanking our Bingo team for all they’ve given to the parish.

I’m overwhelmed by the financial offerings that parishioners like you have been making over these past months, and I want to thank you for supporting this parish and keeping it going and growing during a time when many parishes are struggling to avoid closing for good. Your financial support has made every “pivot” possible and has enabled this parish to continue to serve you. Thank you for your donations, your patience, your efforts to stay in touch, and most especially, your




  • Mary SweeneyPosted on 7/22/20

    I just can't commend you enough for the decisions you've made to safeguard your community. I say this with particular reference to your decision to remain outside. I don't live in your parish but I watch Masses online. My blood pressure rises when I see a reader come to the podium, remove their mask, put their hands on the podium, only to scratch their nose etc and down go the hands again, and they they finish (but they've been breathing out those aerosols) and then another reader comes up, removes their mask for reading/Prayer/homily etc and breathes in and expels more aerosols. Now I'm watching from home. I'm 74. But I'm muttering - "how can you expect me to have confidence in you..." If I had a say the reader would come and claim the mic in their gloved hand and move to another area, do their reading, and then put the mic back. And they don't like it when you point out these problems...

    If it's not hot, I may come and visit you in the parking lot this weekend. In any case, I pray for you.



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