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Lessons from Geese

I’ve been noticing flocks of geese starting to fly overhead, and I can’t help but stop and watch them as they pass. I’m always reminded of the lessons a teacher shared with me once, about community and teamwork, as learned from how geese fly in formation. You can see a quick video that explains it here:

As the season turns in the world and in our parish, now’s a great time to ask ourselves: how are we helping the others in our flock to reach success in our common mission? Are we helping others, and are we letting others help us? Are we doing our share of the work of leading others to Christ? Are we encouraging our pastor and the other leaders in our parish? Are we standing by our fellow disciples, in good times and in bad?

As a Church, as a flock, we need each other more than ever. Thank you for being part of this community of faith, for the work you do, the encouragement you give, and for all the gifts you bring to the table.



PS, here is a bonus fact! Have you ever noticed that when geese fly in a v-formation one side is always longer than the other? That’s because there are more geese on that side!


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