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Pentecost Sunday


This Sunday, we’ll hold Masses in our rear parking lot at St. James Church (corner of Flint and Bridge Streets).
9:30 AM English 12:00 PM Spanish.

Parking lot attendants will be parking cars to give the best possible visibility to all; please plan to arrive early and be patient! Everyone will be asked to remain in their cars throughout the entire Mass. Communion will be given at each car through the window.
We have a limit of 45 cars per Mass.

Please come with a sense of cooperation and celebration- your safety and prayerful Mass experience are our main priorities.

Please complete this survey to help us plan:

Here are some of what you can expect this Sunday:

  • We are limited as to how many cars we can safely accommodate, according to the CDC and local guidelines. You may find upon arrival that the lot is full. We apologize in advance! 
  • The Readings can be found at You are encouraged to access them to prepare for Mass. 
  • Arrive at least 15 – 30 minutes early (between 9:00-9:15 am).   
  • Plan on staying for the entire Mass
  • Enter the parking lot from Flint Street only. There will be staff members and ushers directing traffic.
  • When you park, turn your car off and open your windows.
  • Everyone in your car must wear a mask for the entire Mass.  
  • During Communion, Eucharistic Ministers will come to you. Once you've been given the host, take your mask off to consume it. 
  • We encourage you to bring hand sanitizer and clean your hands before receiving Communion. Eucharistic Ministers will be trying not to make physical contact with communicants and will sanitize their hands if they do. 
  • Remain in your car the entire time.  There will be no access to restrooms.
  • At the conclusion of Mass, please remain in place until a parking attendant directs you out of the parking lot

Thank you for your patience as we learn this new way to have Mass.
Please abide strictly by these procedures for the safety of all involved.

For those who cannot attend Mass in the parking lot, please know that:
1) the obligation to attend is still suspended, by our Cardinal.
2) we will continue to record and post Sunday Masses indefinitely.


  • R desmondPosted on 6/02/20

    We are grateful for this opportunity to attend mass, thank you!



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