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Same Difference

I’ve been watching the Tour De France these mornings, and although it was delayed by a month or so by the pandemic, watching the teams race to the finish each day is giving me some sense of normalcy, even if still different in many ways from the Tour that I love to watch every summer.  

Even the most “normal” things we do now are changed, inevitably, by our present situation. School is still about learning (and teaching), but now there is spacing and scheduling changes. Lunch with friends is still about conversation and memories, but now there is more space between us, and masks. Labor Day is still a day off for some of us, but parties, the way we used to have them, are different. And of course, no matter what, Church is still about Christ, about the community of faith, about sacrifice (Jesus’ and ours), about going “in peace, to love and serve the Lord.” Thanks be to God.  

In the coming months, Mass at MQOA will change, as we look for the safest and most spiritually fruitful ways to gather in the colder months, but the Mass will still and always be the Mass. It will still be about what it’s meant to be about (see above), even if the logistics are different. And as always, being willing to adjust as needs arise will be vital, and we’ll be ready to do that, together.  

Thank you for being willing to try new ways to worship, pray and meet, thank you for feeling and sharing the Spirit from your car or your socially-distanced seat, thank you for loving your neighbor by wearing a mask and washing your hands. Thank you for supporting your parish in prayer, with your donations, and your offers to help. We are MQOA, no matter what is happening in the world, and we are who we are because of who you are, and who God is.  

Hope to see you at Mass, in person or online!



Drive-in Mass

Sunday 8 AM
St. James Church Parking Lot
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Parking Lot opens at 7:30 am

Outdoor Mass - Spanish

Sunday 11 AM
Immaculate Conception Church - Side Lawn
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Online Mass

Saturday 4 PM - English
Sunday 8 AM - English
Sunday 11 AM - Spanish

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