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Last week, the rules shifted and I was able to make a quick trip to Maine to see some of my family. I got to see my siblings and my niece, and visited my dad (through the closed window of his room at his nursing home). It wasn’t like it used to be, but it was something — something I had been longing for, something I really needed.

It’s a similar feeling to when I was first able to receive Communion after the shutdown loosened enough for us to start having Masses outside. And I’m guessing, based on the responses we got from our survey, and the smiling faces of the people in the cars each week, that the feeling shared by my fellow Communicants. Mass outside, in cars… it’s not what it was before, but it’s something.

One thing this pandemic has taught me is gratitude for these somethings. I’m grateful now for things that would not have satisfied me before. I’m so thankful to be able to have something, where for a while, there was nothing. And even though I suppose moving Mass indoors is progress, I’m going to look back very fondly on our parking lot, flatbed stage, chairs-on-the-lawn Masses this Summer.  

Blessings, Margo

PS don’t forget, just because we’ve added the option of indoor Mass, we will STILL be able to “attend” Mass online, or listen/watch the Mass from the parking lot – we’ll still bring Communion to your car! Our indoor Mass space is VERY limited, and if you want to come, you must register online or by phone.


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