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Sunday (Mass) Field Trip

Remember how much you loved field trips as a kid??? Well even though traveling is not encouraged these days, we are blessed with the ability to visit places all over the world, virtually, by tv and the internet. And since Fr. Murray is on vacation this week and we don’t have an online Mass to post for you, this weekend is a great time to check out some of the amazing parishes offering Mass online these days. But hey... don't forget to note the time zone!

You can join us for Mass in person this Sunday, by registering here. But if you can’t, or don’t feel comfortable worshiping in person, here are some great parishes where you can pray along in exotic new locales.

Mass from our own beautiful Cathedral in Boston. You can watch that on Catholic TV or online, here.

Saint Benedict parish in Halifax Nova Scotia offers a wonderful online Mass, it's a favorite of our staff. Check it out here

Feeling collegiate? Join the community at the University of Notre Dame for Mass by clicking here

St. Ann parish in Coppell, Texas offers online Mass AND an awesome sabbath guide

Feeling contemplative? Pray Mass with monks of Mount Angel Abbey in Oregon, and if you're thirsty after, stop by the brewery. 

At any given minute, every hour of the day, Mass is being prayed in places around the globe. This truly is a universal Church and we are at home in any Catholic church or worship site in the world. Enjoy Mass this weekend, wherever you "go!"




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