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Who do we say that Jesus is?

This week in the Gospel reading we’ll hear Jesus ask His disciples “who do people say the Son of Man is?” and, then to Peter “who do you say that I am?” Of course, as probably every preacher you’ve ever heard preach on this Gospel has said, you and I should give some thought to how we would answer that question if Jesus turned to us and asked us “so… who do you say that I am?”

But I think it’s important that we know, as a parish, what our corporate answer to that question would be. Who do we, MQOA, say that Jesus is?

If you’ve been around the parish for long, even from the parking lot, we hope that you can tell that we live a life centered and grounded in the Eucharist, and we work to offer hospitality and healing to everyone we meet. We love this mission because it reflects our answer to The Big Question.

Who do we say that Jesus is? We say, in our mission, our actions, our planning, and our prayer, that Jesus is the Christ — the Good News of God’s love — a Messiah who welcomes all, who heals all wounds.

I hope that at some point, maybe this week, you and I will be talking to people about how much we love our parish, and when they ask why, we’ll know that what they’re really asking is Jesus’ Big Question: who does your parish say that Jesus is? And I hope you’ll be ready with an answer that includes the word “we.”



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