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This Week.

This Week.

Sunday (Mass) Field Trip

Posted by Margo Morin on 8/13/20

Remember how much you loved field trips as a kid??? Well even though traveling is not encouraged these days, we are blessed with the ability to visit places all over the world, virtually, by tv and the internet. And since Fr. Murray is on vacation this week and we ... Read More »


Posted by Margo Morin on 8/13/20

This week, like so many in the recent past, we mark a major solemnity without the benefit of an indoor Mass as we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. We celebrate the moment when Mary, the mother of God, was assumed into heaven, body and soul, as ... Read More »

Digging In

Posted by Margo Morin on 8/06/20

This Summer I’ve been re-reading a series of books I adored when I was young. I have had the first book of the series on my bookshelf for years; I’ve taken that book with me whenever I’ve moved to new homes, and it’s gathered some dust over the years. It ... Read More »

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted by Steven Antonio on 8/02/20

Missionaries remind us that the Church is bigger than our parish. They remind us that we are all receivers of God’s grace and that it is a gift to us given by God, simply because he loves us.  Scenes in previous Sunday Gospel readings taught us that God’s kingdom is ... Read More »

Worship with Us!

Posted by Steven Antonio on 7/30/20

The Cardinal's dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation continues for everyone. We offer two in-person Masses and continue to offer our Online Mass via our Facebook Page at the same times (8 AM English & 11 AM Español)We are still offering our Drive-In Mass in English at 8 AM ... Read More »

18th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted by Steven Antonio on 7/30/20

This week I start my fourth year at Mary, Queen of Apostles Parish. I am so grateful to God and to the Cardinal for sending me here. In the seminary, I remember a professor saying to us as we got closer to ordination, “Gentlemen, whatever God wants, the Cardinal will ... Read More »

17th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted by Steven Antonio on 7/26/20

It is hard to believe we are turning the corner to August. This summer has been particularly odd in light of the pandemic and how it is affecting all of us. During the last few summers, we had the privilege of having missionary priests from Africa offer some different ... Read More »

Community Update: July 2020

Posted by Steven Antonio on 7/17/20

Parishioners and Friends,

Lately, the staff and I have been joking about renaming the parish, from Mary Queen of the Apostles to “St. Pivot.” The past few months have been at turns exhausting and exhilarating, as we have entered uncharted territories as a parish, and as a people. It ... Read More »

16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Posted by Steven Antonio on 7/17/20

The readings this week suggest that we are people who understand and seek wisdom. This wisdom is not just any wisdom, but a worldly intelligence informed by the Grace of God that results in a new outlook, attitude, and behavior. In this Year of the Eucharist, we are invited to ... Read More »

Ice Age

Posted by Margo Morin on 7/09/20

This week our team heard the words "Digital Advent and Online Christmas" for the first time. We were being advised by a coach from the Divine Renovation network, who, referring to this article, wanted to make clear that even while we may have left the initial, emergent  phase of ... Read More »


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