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Our Faith

Our Faith

If you are here as a visitor, wanting to know more about or join the Catholic Church, or are a Catholic who has been away and is thinking about returning, you are welcome here at Mary, Queen of the Apostles Parish. Need a little inspiration?

Would you like to speak to a priest, deacon, or non-ordained minister about your questions? Reach out to our staff.

Here, an ever-evolving list of great resources available for your own faith.

For Families with Children

For Youth and Young Adults

For Engaged/Married Couples

  • For Your Marriage - Resources on Catholic Marriage from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops

In Times of Crises of Faith

About Catholicism/Church Teaching

  • The Liturgical Year - A great article by a convert to Catholicism about how the colors and symbols of the liturgical year help her faith.
  • Our Faith - An overview of Our Faith from the Archdiocese of Denver.